June Is Pride Month: Show Your Support!

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Besides being toasty, flowery, and sunny, June is also known as LGBTQ Pride Month. At AwareCauses, we offer an assortment of necklaces that support a variety of causes. For each necklace that is purchased, 10 percent of the proceeds will be sent to a charity that has to do with that cause. For example, if you purchase a necklace to show your support for LGBTQ, then 10 percent of what you pay will go to a cause that has to do with helping those who fall under that spectrum. If you’d like to purchase jewelry for a cause to promote support for LGBTQ, then shop AwareCauses.

LGBTQ Around The World

First of all, before we get into the brief history of LGBTQ Pride Month, we’ll address the acronym. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning or queer. For hundreds of years, being anything but heterosexual was looked down upon by society and punished by death. Even in some countries today, it’s still illegal to be anything except heterosexual. For example, there are still 74 countries where being transgender or in a same-sex relationship is illegal. In some of these countries, you can even be put to death for being gay or bisexual. In places such as Qatar, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and parts of Syria and Iraq, someone can die because of something that is part of them.

In other places throughout the world, promoting LGBTQ communities and identities are prohibited. Countries such as Russia, Jordan, Kuwait, Somalia, Egypt, Algeria, and Morocco follow this law, while other countries maintain a gay panic clause, which allows a person to commit a crime against someone because he or she is lesbian, gay, or bisexual. In 40 countries, crimes such as murder and assault can occur because a person is lesbian, gay, transgender, or bisexual. Whether you know someone who is LGBTQ or you are, showing your support for the thousands of people who are unable to be who they are in 2018 is important because you can stand with them. It’s also a good reminder that you should never take your freedom to be who you are for granted.

A Brief History Of LGBTQ Pride Month

For thousands of years, the world was very anti-LGBTQ. In fact, it wasn’t until the last few decades that Pride Month was actually something people participated in and celebrated. Initially, on Saturday, June 28, 1969, people rioted the police raid on the Stonewall Inn, which was a gay bar in New York City. The combination of riots and protests occurred over several days and nights and was the jumping-off point for organized LGBTQ marches on a much larger scale that spread through the entire country. Additionally, as you probably know, it wasn’t until the last few years that gay marriage was legalized. While people are still homophobic and negative statements are thrown around about LGBTQ people, especially with the current political climate, we’ve made great strides in the Gay Liberation Movement and will continue to do so in years to come.

Do you want to support LGBTQ? Purchase jewelry for a cause and show off your pride.

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