Sarah Rohe Mental illness Story

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Meet Sarah Rohe a woman who is passionate about mental illness and learning to deal with anxiety:

It is so important to bring awareness to mental illness and to let the people in our lives that battle with it know they are loved, courageous, and are Lil tough cookies that don't need to go through it alone.

To all the trifling boys and girls who have an eating disorder or anxiety disorder, you are IMPORTANT and you too can be a huge part of bringing awareness to mental illness. You can do this by noticing signs of friends/strangers that are struggling/progressing that others might not even pay attention to.

A simple recognition of saying things like, "are you doing okay?" "If you feel comfortable talking about it, I am here for you." "I noticed the marks on your arms are scars and not scabs, I'm proud of you." "Did you eat today?" These small gestures can change someone.

Remember you ARE NOT A BURDEN. It is not weak or embarrassing to seek help or therapy. You can still be a bad bitch and open up.

Sarah’s story is just one of many tales about mental illness and internal scars. If you are dealing with anxiety or you have a loved one who is, then educate people on this mental illness with jewelry for a cause.

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