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Sarah Rohe Mental illness Story

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Meet Sarah Rohe a woman who is passionate about mental illness and learning to deal with anxiety:

It is so important to bring awareness to mental illness and to let the people in our lives that battle with it know they are loved, courageous, and are Lil tough cookies that don't need to go through it alone.

To all the trifling boys and girls who have an eating disorder or anxiety disorder, you are IMPORTANT and you too can be a huge part of bringing awareness to mental illness. You can do this by noticing signs of friends/strangers that are struggling/progressing that others might not even pay attention to.

A simple recognition of saying things like, "are you doing okay?" "If you feel comfortable talking about it, I am here for you." "I noticed the marks on your arms are scars and not scabs, I'm proud of you." "Did you eat today?" These small gestures can change someone.

Remember you ARE NOT A BURDEN. It is not weak or embarrassing to seek help or therapy. You can still be a bad bitch and open up.

Sarah’s story is just one of many tales about mental illness and internal scars. If you are dealing with anxiety or you have a loved one who is, then educate people on this mental illness with jewelry for a cause.

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Yohana Flores Breast Cancer Story

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Read about Yohanna Flores’ story and learn how you can find strength even in the darkest of times.

When I first heard, "your test results came back for invasive ductal carcinoma" I felt my life was slipping out of my hands and losing control of it. As the nurse continued to explain my next steps, all I could think of was, "I'm going to die."

I didn't know much about breast cancer so when I heard "invasive" I thought it was already spread all over my body. No one wants to hear the word cancer and what I have learned from this and other survivors is that cancer isn't a death sentence.

It's not an easy journey. Cancer affects the patient and their loved ones. It takes a toll on you in every aspect possible emotional, physical, and mentally. For anyone who is going through cancer, remember if God brings you to it, he will bring you through it. Have faith! & fight! The will to survive will shine brighter than the storm!

As individuals, it's our responsibility to be aware and proactive of our health. Early detection saves lives! Check for any symptoms, changes, and abnormalities. If you know things don't feel right, see a doctor or ask for a second opinion. Cancer can happen at any age, it does not discriminate. I hope that by sharing my journey, it helps create more awareness and knowledge about breast cancer which can affect both men and women.

If you feel strongly about cancer, then take the time to support educating others with breast cancer jewelry. Our breast cancer jewelry will provide awareness and support for this disease.

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