About AWARECauses

AWARECauses is a jewelry line that raises awareness for a variety of different causes. AWARE stands for "A Way to Act and Remember Everyday." Each necklace is associated with an awareness ribbon color. For example, pink is for breast cancer, purple for Alzheimer's, blue is for diabetes...etc.

Our jewelry for a cause provides a way to actively support a disease or disorder that is meaningful to you. Remembering to wear AWARECause jewelry every day shows support for a cause that people have been affected by.

Not only does AWARECauses raise awareness, but we also provide fundraising for charity. With each purchase, AWARE necklaces donate 10 percent of the proceeds to a non-profit organization to help with research, prevention, and awareness for the specific cause. Help us raise awareness by buying a necklace and show your support for a cause that needs more recognition. If you feel passionate about wearing jewelry for a cause, then shop at AWARECauses.